Malaysian Estate Owners' Association

Connecting estate owners in the Malaysian agriculture industry – MEOA

Who Are We

An association that continues to strengthen the Malaysian plantation industry since 1931.

MEOA - 100 Years Since 1917
For more than 80 years since MEOA was established, we have strived to provide our plantation expertise to Malaysia, and to our fellow Malaysian estates owners.

Through our vision, we have worked with Malaysian goverment plantation agencies such as Malaysian Palm Oil Board(MPOB) and Malaysian Rubber Board (LGM). MEOA also represents Malaysia in international groups like the International Natural Rubber Organization, the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries, the International Rubber Study Group and International Rubber Association.

MEOA - Relation to MPOB     MPOB - Relation to LGM   MEOA - SOPPOA

What We Do

These are our commitments to all members of our association.

MEOA - Do Knowledge Sharing

Sharing Knowledge

We grow our member’s knowledge through sharing our own insights and experiences. One of our goals is to empower our members with insights to improve their operations.
MEOA - Do Fostering Network

Fostering Networks

We seek to strengthen our members networks by fostering new connections between owners and industrial players through our association.
MEOA - Representing Malaysia

Representing Estate Owners

We represent Malaysian estates owners as a voice of reason when it comes to policy making.
“The early-morning muster, the natural environment and the tranquility are definitely all good things that help build you up, but they are only part of what keeps you well. The balance is in the other things you do with your life, and they all add up.”
Datuk Boon Weng Siew

President (1990 - 2013)

Joining MEOA

Malaysian individuals, and Malaysian established entities are welcome.

MEOA - Join as Person with Interests

Interested Individuals

Join us if you want to learn more about estate businesses,

and making connections within the industry.

MEOA - Join as Estate Owners or Proprietors

Estate Owners or Proprietors

Want to grow your estate business and get in touch with industry players? You’re definitely welcomed here.
MEOA - Join as Association and Corporations

Associations and Corporations

Have a solution to share with others? MEOA is the ideal place for you. Come join us and share your insights.

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